Corega CG-BARPROG Router Login IP, Username & Password

Corega router default login username and password with gateway IP address to access your Corega router’s dashboard. If you haven’t changed your Corega router’s default username and the password then following login credentials will work and it will allow you to access router web interface / dashboard.

Brand Corega
Username root
Password < blank >

How to login Corega Router

Follow the steps to login the router’s web interface :
1 – Make sure you are connected to the router’s network .
2 – Open your web browser and visit gateway IP :
3 – A window prompts for a Username and Password.
4 – Enter the router’s Username : root and the Password < blank >.
5 – You will now be logged in (If you haven’t changed the default password).

Hard Reset Corega Router

You can hard reset the Corega router, If you’ve forgotten the username or password of your router. By resetting it to its factory settings, the default login and password will be restored. The reset button on most routers is very small and can be difficult to find. You’ll need a matchstick, pin, pencil nib or other thin item to press it down for around fifteen(15) seconds or until the power led starts flashing. After successful resetting your router will restart automatically.

For more details check : Rest Your Router